Miele 7222730 Rotary Ironer with High Contact Pressure, Wide Heater Plate, Variable Roller Speed, All-Round Free Roller End, 32-1/2″ Wide Roller, 3 Temperature Settings, Space-Saving Storage, Automatic Finger Guard, and Emergency Release

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quick specs
Width: 38 7/8 Inch
Depth: 15 Inch
Height: 37 7/8 Inch

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Product Information
Brand: Miele
Model: 7222730
Color: Lotus White
Fold-Away Design: Yes
Width: 38 7/8 Inch
Depth: 15 Inch
Height: 37 7/8 Inch
Temperature Settings: Yes
Auto-Off: No
Casters: Yes
Finger Guard: Yes
Foot Pedal: Yes
Emergency Release Button: Yes


Rotary Ironer with High Contact Pressure
Miele brings the rotary iron into your home. The wide-width roller allows you to press everything from shirts and pants to bed linens and tablecloths. The rotary iron has wheels for easy transportation and folds away for easy storage.

About Miele
Since 1899, Miele has created thoughtfully designed, precisely engineered home appliances that fulfill the company’s founding promise of ‘Immer Besser’ – a German phrase meaning ‘Forever Better’. Designed for longevity and durably crafted, our full suite of home appliances delivers many years of exceptional performance, complementing any kitchen décor. Discover how Miele can create special moments… every day – offering a versatile design, which stands the test of time, functionality that simplifies everyday tasks, and quality that will endure for decades.


Appliance color:
Lotus white
Perfect Ironing Results
Temperature selection to suit textiles:
High contact pressure in psi:
Laundry feed board for easy laundry feed:
Convenient infeed board with ample storage space:
Airing bar for crease-free cooling:
Time-Saving Ironing
Roller length:
32 3/4″
Variable roller speed:
Moisture-absorbing roller padding:
Control Panel
Effortless ironing while seated possible:
Free, unsupported roller end:
Clear control panel:
Convenient folding mechanism:
Easily maneuvrable thanks to four castors:
Automatic finger guard:
Emergency release:
Good stability:
Technical Data
Product width:
38 7/8″
Product height:
37 7/8″
Product depth:
Product (width), folded up:
19 3/4″
Product (height), folded up:
41 5/8″
Product (depth), folded up:
Total connected load in kW:
Standard Accessories
Adhesive label for temperature selector:


High Contact Pressure
  • More pressure, better removal of creases: when ironing by hand, continual application of 15 lbs pressure is needed.
Wide Heater Plate
  • Convenient ironing of large laundry pieces.
Variable Roller Speed
  • The roller speed can be set to one of five speeds to suit the type of laundry being processed and the individual’s working speed.
All-Round Free Roller End
  • No bottlenecks, no snagging: even difficult-to-iron laundry items such as skirts or shirts are easy to iron.
32-1/2″ Wide Roller
  • Convenient and time-saving: Quickly iron large laundry items, e.g., pillowcases, in one go.
3 Temperature Settings
  • For optimum heat distribution.
  • Protects fibers: Select temperature according to the care label. Your textiles look good for longer.
Space-Saving Storage
  • Fits in the smallest niche: The appliance needs only 0.2 ft² space.
  • Four casters make transport child’s play.
Automatic Finger Guard
  • Safe operation: If fingers come into contact with the finger guard, the motor stops and the plate lifts.
Emergency Release
  • Perfect protection for your laundry: release the roller pressure manually and simply remove the laundry.
  • Secure stand guaranteed: robust construction and a supporting base ensure a secure stand.
Ironing Sitting Down
  • Ergonomic and relieving: Your back is protected, and operation using a footswitch leaves both hands free.
Convenient Airing Bar
  • Saves space and time: simply hang items over the bar after ironing.
  • Ideal for cooling down and airing until dry.
Large Storage Space
  • Spacious: your ironed laundry items land gently on the table – without creasing.


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